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Boston-area lessons and social dancing in West Coast Swing

Tuesdays (weekly) and Saturdays (monthly) we have lessons followed by social dancing

Tuesdays: Join our accessible lessons for dancers of all levels.

Brand new beginners welcomed warmly.

Monthly Saturday night lessons/dances are friendly and fabulous.

What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a partner dance that combines the hottest elements of traditional swing, Latin dances, and Hip-Hop, creating a smooth, subtle movement that suits every age.

What types of music are played for West Coast Swing?

We use a range of DJs who each have their favorite playlists, including the blues, R&B, and top 40.

What makes DanceBoston’s West Coast Swing different from other dance scenes?

The culture of WCS is very special, here are a few characteristics that make it such a comfortable and exciting environment.

  • No partner is necessary. We switch dance partners throughout the lessons and during the social dancing, so everyone gets to know everyone else.
  • The clothing is casual, although a touch of bling or sparkle is always welcome.
  • We wear low-heeled or flat shoes.
  • Individuals can choose to lead or follow – their role is not based on their gender or height, but on their personal inclination. Many people eventually learn both roles.
  • No matter which role you choose, you are free to invite people to dance with you.
  • WCS is based on just four basic moves and once you get a grip on those, you will be able to social dance freely.
  • Dancers at all the different levels dance with each other.
  • Every dancer’s birthday gets celebrated!



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